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    The Primal Alliance

    Many of the previously dominant races of the continent -- elves, dwarves, gnolls, halflings, and orcs, have been forced to retreat from the surface or otherwise fortify their territories. These races were once the most populous in the Lands of Torment, and were each the dominant representative of one of the Prime Elements: elves of water, dwarves of fire, gnolls of air, halflings of wood, and orcs of earth.

    Still, even in the benighted years of the Ninth Age, and under the constant threat of the Obsidian Compact's depredations, these five races have maintained an alliance that continues to struggle for the future of their world. Once, they were united by a common holy land, the sacred city of Ryloshatar in the midst of the Elemental Republics. This holy of holies was devastated by the arrival of the Great Monsoon during the Paraelemental Incursion.

    The elven territories are hidden within a deep crevasse on the far side of the Sand Sea of Kyrkoon, an aperture which widens to a vast domain within the crust of the planet, a sheltered valley the size of a kingdom. Contained within this well-concealed premises is the Forgotten Sea, or the Lost Sea, presumably the last ocean of water on Serinba'al. The elves ply the waters of the Lost Sea in swift triremes, each with a dozen banks of slender oars. The elven helots are feared throughout the Lands of Torment. Their famed weapons and armor are made of enchanted water. Their city-states are guided by their oracles, the sacred blind matriarchs that speak for the departed luminaries of the Olympian Host, conveying the inscrutable will of the gods, even from their apparently eternal slumber. The elves are emigres from the Island of Aktheira, which once lay to the south of the eastern Continent of Saan-Gabiathan within the Opal Sea. The Pleiadesian colonists of Pelos on the Serpent Coast originated in the same foreign territories. Also famed are the rapacious war hydras of the elven phalanxes.

    The orcs were the firstborn of the earth mother, and their remaining realm is concealed on a large archipelago within the Seas of Sand. Their shaman and witchdoctors direct their people in the performance of the tappus, the sacred laws of the Earth Mother. They sail the Seas of Sand with immense vessels made of enchanted stone. They are also famed for their tattoo magic and prowess with the martial arts.

    The dwarves were the wardens of fire. Their great kingdom still persists beneath the Flail Mountains, where their king and high priest, purportedly the representative of the winged disk Ashur, continues the struggle against the Domination of the Obsidian Compact. The dwarves of have made common cause with the Halocaustorian Cabal in their struggle against the incursion of the Elemental Stronghold of Magma.

    The gnolls are the children of the air, and inhabit the invisible, flying continent of al-Jahabiyya. Though unseen by the inhabitants of the Lands of Torment, they stand between Carcharoth and the Second Sun.

    The halflings were the first servants of the Elemental Stronghold of Wood. Their people live now within the great Tornwood, a fearsome expanse of bramble on the southern border of the Shivering Plain. Many of their number are feared skin-walkers, shape-shifters that stalk the night.
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