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Thread: The Nine Tribes of the Deb Ytarr

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    Dal Hibatha was a hidden fortress. More properly it was the dungeon of a fortress which had been destroyed along with the city of Hibatha a thousand years before when the defeated god Kaladh Hao cursed the land of his rival as he was dragged away in chains.

    Dei Bas cast Kaladh Hao into the Stream of Time and the Devourer, the Usurper, was carried ten mellenia into the future, but his slaves remained behind. The elemental beings of sand rose up in the spring and summer months and ravaged all they could reach, but the tribesmen were wary of their sudden onslaughts. Bolt-holes and sand-shelters had been built and maintained so that the shepherds and their flocks were seldom far from safety as the sheep grazed on what little summer growth there was.
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