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Iíve decided to revisit my attempts at we organizing 4th e D&D.
Right now Iím making sure that there is four classes to each power source, each class tied to role. However the martial power source is lacking a controller class. So Iím wondering if I can transform a current controller class into a martial. I was thinking about re-flavoring the Seeker as a martial class.

Side note; iím trying to go back to the basics of class design as it was in the 4th players handbook.
Controller is a rather weird archetype. Defining it is odd, because Wizards are swiss army knives and Warlocks/Classic Rogues use a lot of debuffs so the overlap is large.

I would define a controller as sacrificing actions to reduce the number of actions the enemy can take, acting as a force divider in the opposite fashion of how a leader is a force multiplier. So a martial controller needs to be able to trade actions to take away multiple enemy actions, putting the team out ahead. They are going to have less cinematic ways of doing that then making walls or clouds of noxious gas, unless you go hand grenade ninjas.