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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Torath View Post
    Thanks, Peelee! Best Silver Dragon in the world!

    I've got a problem with my printer, and I was wondering if the Playground could help.

    It's an Anycubic Photon resin printer, and I can't seem to get my prints to stick to the build plate. The first few prints came out fine, well, mostly fine, but lately they end up as a thin film on the bottom of the resin tray. I clean off the build plate (and the resin tray) after each print with isopropyl alcohol, and filter the resin as well. I've replaced the film at the bottom of the resin tray to no avail.

    Any suggestions on getting my builds to stick to the plate instead of the tray?
    Honestly I would have go at YouTube and specialist 3D printer forums. When I was messing about with the ones at work those two things really helped.

    Usually not sticking to buildplates is an issue with how close the printer starts extruding (ie how much it smushes the first layer to grip the plate). It's a bit different on a resin printer as it does it backwards but might want to make sure it's properly calibrated. On a FDM printer you need to recalibrate the extrusion to palte distances as it's all a bit loose.
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