In this thread, we gather short concepts, involving horror. The limitation is: this is a post-apoc world, with no large societal structures(no evil king, torturing the peasants). Hunger may be a major issue. The land is desolate, dotted with small concepts of horror.

Here is what I came up with:
- a small shelter is spotted in the distance. When explored, half-eaten, still living humanoids are found in the small dungeon under the shelter. This is the home of cannibals. They are just returning from their hunt.

- in a desert of dust, an abandoned house is spotted in the distance. At the side of the house, there are animal bones. In the house, there are bones of cats and rats. In the attic, there are three hanging corpses - large male, large female, and small female.

- An abandoned village is spotted in the distance. When explored, many tracks are found, leading to an underground cave. In the cave, there are two grey-skinned humanoid creatures with white eyes. There is a lot of white dust around them. Creatures do not speak and do not react, even if killed.

Inspirations: and (just not space marine being teleported, but some low-level PCs)