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Given the tiny holdings you describe, most lords will probably have something more like a fortified McMansion than an actual castle, probably initially built out of wood, with subsequent generations replacing the wood with stone as funding allows.
The nation of Fumaya has a lot of problems and not a lot of wealth, but they do have something going for them. Their brewers are famous for their high quality ales. Largely attributed to naturally filtered water springs, but it also helps that the farmers have a lot of cold weather grain crops and have generations of experience cultivating barley and hops.

They share a long border with a dwarf nation and a tiny border with a second dwarf nation.

Put these two things together and Fumaya can hire skilled highly dwarf stone masons for cheap.

Fumayans can probably save 10% when building and improving stone castles versus most other human nations.

I guess in Fumaya most castles will either be to project power or provide refuge.

The densely populated areas cannot realistically have everyone hide in a castle with all of their livestock but the sparser populated areas could probably do that.