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So I had this idea for my campaign where there are individuals who are nulls. Basically the normal population. Magic itself doesn't affect them. It stemmed from a scenario idea where an npc is hurt but its explained they can't be healed with a potion/healing magic. A couple of ways I see this...

Completely magically null.

Immune to certain spells, or types, or even affects.

Maybe cant even use magical things

My world has magical items in ruins, it has magicaltech powered by specific crystals, and there are magical individuals but its not an economy dependant on magic I don't think. Im not sure if that's because magic is in decline or if the magical individuals are on the rise but for the most part people live lives more akin to real world humans. Magical street lamps are not even thought about any more than we look at our own lighting. But maybe they flicker when certain people walk past I don't know. Is it a mutation to be able to be healed by magical means or is not being healed the variant?

And what impact on the world does that have? Im imaging the faiths of the world are more akin to our own (perhaps better thou), tending to the sick and lost (hospitals), gathering knowledge (monastery).

What are your thoughts on this null idea? Perhaps it only applies to healing magics, reducing the impact of such things on most people but leaving a few lucky like the pcs in a position to change the world.
If it applies to all magic then effectively they are magic and the rest of the world is normal. Imagine someone walking through walls and dismantling cars by being near them.

If it just turns off healing magic it's a massive curse. Does it undo former healing and surgeries for others or just them?