I did a quick DDG search to see if this question had been asked before, and came up with no results.

Double Posting
Posting twice in a row is generally frowned upon. If you are responding to multiple points, please use quotes and other post formatting to clarify this. Please use the Edit option to modify information in a post instead of immediately making a new one. If you do accidentally double post, you can delete the extra post under the Edit option.
(emphasis mine)

I am posting a campaign log in the 5e forum that currently has about 10,000 views, so it's apparently got quite a bit of traffic. I just posted the session 5 write-up last night, and there's a "how do I handle a probable failure" issue that I am pondering and will probably do a write-up/re-address on in a few days. I'm not sure how long it'll take me to decide what to do. I may have to go in-depth with the dragon's motivation and attitude towards the circumstances to decide if he'll fly away, mock the party, try to eat someone, etc. If nobody else replies to the thread, a reply on my part a few days from now could be considered double-posting, but if I edit this information in, it might be after hundreds of people have read the thread, and could get missed entirely.

In this sort of circumstance, where it's a new post of substance and made days after my last post, is it OK to post twice in a row without someone else posting first?