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    Quote Originally Posted by Quild View Post
    I'm super dubious about the resistance's construction crew B being able to build a Death Star.
    Especially without having to report about need of funds, material or people at some point.
    Keep in mind, the plans were more about building an empty Death Star-y empty shell than a fully operational battlestation.
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    We should try to make that a thing; I think it might help civility. Hey, GitP, let's try to make this a thing: when you're arguing optimization strategies, RAW-logic, and similar such things that you'd never actually use in a game, tag your post [THEORETICAL] and/or use green text
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    So a ranger is like a Bachelor of Applied Druidology.
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    What's the word for 'fear of being eaten by a mounted bear in half-plate' again? Because that's the one I have.