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    Female Trainer

    Bit of background behind this one. I decided I'd have a go streaming Pokémon Black in front of some friends. I'm not too into Pokémon, but my friends are bigger fans and I've been meaning to revisit Black for a bit. Plus, good excuse to test my recording ability at length after I lost my hard-drive.

    A DS, though? Sort of awkward to stream, because of that famous Dual-Screen gimmick. Very wide if you just have the screens side-by-side, and in Pokémon often one screen is just completely blank -- but you can't just drop that screen, because every now and then it's got essential information.

    Not solving anything new, but the standard solution: make the main screen big, make the other screen pretty small. I'm not using a webcam, though, so that leaves me with a big giant space in the video. Thought some filler art would help and so quickly whipped this up. Plan was for a Dark-type-only run, so I tried to make it slightly sinister.

    The female trainer in Pokémon Black has... odd hair? It's almost entirely ponytail, except for two sidelocks that seem to magically grow and thicken roughly around the shoulder. I wasn't really sure how to best translate it, and I might fiddle with the picture some more another time.

    Spoiler: In the Overlay
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