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Given the Cult's strategy, a vanilla Cultist trying to take a blow for the Cult Leader would be a very bad idea, and one they probably would not take.

Caoimhim, Grek, Null, and Valmark have spoken too much to be power rules. AvatarVecna and the Outsider are getting auto-lynched anyway, so that's not going to help much. I guess that leaves us with Elenna and Book Wombat then as the most likely to be Cult Leader? I will go with Book Wombat, as Caoimhim has already done. At this point I know more of who I don't want to vote for than who I do want to. Anyone have any better ideas?
Why the Cultist without power taking a hit for the Cultist with a power is a bad idea?

And why is AV getting auto-lynched?