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    Autolynch Rule: I was planning on no autolynches, but if someone formally drops out, they will autolynch. However, AV hasn't formally dropped out. While I think she's being honest that she's stuck in the ice storm and power outages in Texas, and unlikely to play, I won't 100% trust what she says unless it's explicit and probably in the QuickTopic to me.
    Also, she might get power and want to start playing again.
    AV often votes herself D1, so that in itself means little.

    So: no autolynches. BUT if someone does seem completely inactive for several days, that will factor into when the last day is. E.g., if it's 3 cult vs 3 town, but one townie is completely inactive, that cult autowins since they effectively control.

    While I'm clarifying: the game ends when a faction (cult, town, or serial killer) has effectively won the game. That is, while others might still exist, there's no chance for one faction to not lose. This is pretty obvious when it's cult/mafia vs. town, but the serial killer throws a wrench into it. (As, to a lesser degree, does a vigilante.) So the game probably won't end while a NKer is still active unless it's like 2 cult vs. the serial killer.

    Further clarification: on those notes, The Outsider also will not autolynch.

    EDIT: see post further down for possibly revising autolynch rules
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