The weekends are often harder for me to post exactly on time, since I'm not at a computer for work.
I should be able to end the Day at roughly 2 pm Saturday for Day's End. It might vary +/- an hour, depending on kids
Weather-permitting, my family and I are visiting a monastery Sunday afternoon, so I may wind up ending Night 2 either an hour or two or so early (before we leave) or a few hours late (after we get home). It shouldn't be super-late like D1 was, though. If everyone gets their Night actions in early, I might end it early just to make sure it gets ended on Sunday, but it'll still be the normal 2 pm Day End for Day 3.

I get the point about wanting an autolynch, but there's also the Guard and Serial Killer who can help eliminate people. Eh. I guess I'll put it to a vote. Anyone who cares, please post in your QuickTopic if you'd like autolynches or not. That'll help me count the votes accordingly and let you lie about your opinion publicly, if you want to lie. Please submit votes (again, in QT) by the end of Day.

New Autolynch Rule to Propose: if someone goes two full Day/Night cycles without posting, they autolynch at Day's start. A post must be public, e.g., no just posting in your QT.
E.g., The Outsider will die at the start of D3, if they haven't posted.