I've not lost power a single time despite all the recent nonsense, but given how things have been going that could change at any minute. WW/Mafia tends to be a very time-/energy-intensive activity for me, and right now my priorities are making sure I can drop everything to take care of my family should the situation arise that such a thing becomes necessary, and preparing for in case it does. In particular making sure we have food supplies has gotten harder than expected, although we're still doing fine.

By the time I can dedicate my attention to this game, I'll be so far behind that I can't meaningfully contribute, at least not in an informed way. Thus far, it's looking like the most useful thing I can do for town is just show up and vote myself, to avoid influencing the vote in a bad way, but also to avoid autolynching out and making town lose an extra townie for no good reason.

Posting this in my QT as well so at least the narrator knows it's not a scheme.