One possibility that occurs to me, Aleph could theoretically be the High Priest who converted the real guard last night and claimed to avoid suspicion while he converts people. In that case he wouldn't have to worry about a counterclaim. This would only really be a good move if the real guard was significantly less likely to be lynched than Aleph was, and I don't think anyone is looking that towny right now. Doesn't seem super likely, but it's possible.

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Kinda? The reasons for claiming are... Not what I expected, especially since Aleph "risked" death only because of the claim. Not only that but there isn't anything I can actually do with it- I could put a vote on Outsider or Requilaq but I don't particularly want to lynch either of them over BW (of anything I'd rather not lynch the latter because they've at least been active).

I would move it if Aleph risked lynching, but I don't think that's the case.

Besides, they haven't been counter claimed but they also haven't gained anything (at least apparently) from claiming so it's not much less suspicious. If anything it could be on purpose to bait the real Guard out.
Hmm, my initial thought was "trading a cultist for a vig would be a bad move for cult" but actually maybe not? To decrease the number of cult, town needs to lynch a cultist AND either NK a cultist or have the Healer block the conversion. Otherwise cukt can just replace lynched cultists during the night. If the vig dies, town is almost entirely reliant on the Healer successfully guessing the conversion target, since the SK can't be counted on to aim at cult. If vig is converted, things are even worse for town.
So actually I could maybe see cult fake claiming to find the real Guard? I still think it's more likely tyat Aleph is town, though, especially given the lack of a counterclaim so far.

Regardless, I don't like Valmark's "if Aleph is actually in danger of being lynched I'll move" statement. What's the point of voting Aleph if you don't actually want him to be lynched? Isn't this essentially no vote?

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I might forget to post once in a while due to school. Should be able to post at least once every Day though.
I'm town, not much else to say. No vote for today since I dunno who to vote for.
The usual questions: are there any arguments you agree with? don't agree with? are confused by? Anything you want to ask anyone? Anyone you consider even slightly more or less trustworthy than anyone else?

No offense, but if you can't contribute anything beyond "I'm town" (which is pretty much a meaningless statement, anyone would say that), there's basically no reason for me to move my vote off you. I'm considering moving my vote to Valmark, because of what I said above and the fact that he's voting for an uncounterclaimed town PR, but I'd like to hear something more from you (Book Wombat) first.