Fun observation I recently had: more of us at this point would have a power role than not have one. There are still six power roles in play, but only nine players. We can safely assume AV was a vanilla townie, because he would probably mention he had a power role in his parting comment, in order to help the town as much as possible. And one of the vanilla townies could have become cult, which is actually a more likely outcome than any as a result of the Cult Leader's actions. Aside from AV, who can't be active for stated reasons, probably only 1 or 2 of us are vanilla townies. Not quite sure how that changes thing, but it is an uncommon dynamic.

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I might forget to post once in a while due to school. Should be able to post at least once every Day though.

I'm town, not much else to say. No vote for today since I dunno who to vote for.
Voting for no one at all is pretty suspicious behavior. The lynch vote is one of the best tools that the town has combat the cult. A cultist would certainly benefit from not participating in the vote or contributing to the conversation, as it would make the town even less certain on what to do.

Book Wombat could really just be busy and this isn't a front at all, of course. But given how the only information we have to work on at this moment is vague and unsolid, deciding to lynch one of the least active people isn't a bad idea. And as I stated earlier, Cult Leader would certainly be laying low, so that is another reason. This only confirms my suspicion on him.