Catching up, I am baffled by Aleph Null's decision, but I can't see a good reason why a SK or a Cultist would make a fake-claim that looks like this. So absent any superior evidence, I'm going to reluctantly accept that our vigilante is a newbie player and made a poor D2 play. Normally it would be a bad idea to narrow down the number of players this early, given that there was a less than 25% chance of actually helping with that kill. But what's done is done, so we'll just have to live with it.

What concerns me more is the auto-lynch question: I'm of two minds there. On one hand, the same 'narrowing down' issue exists where if we lynch someone today, 2 people get NK'd and then two people are non-posting, we're down to 4 active players going into D3. That doesn't seem like much of a game. But it's not as if auto-lynching them is going to help with that so...? I dunno.

The person I'm currently most suspicious of is actually Valmark, as voting for Aleph Null right after the vig claim (saying it was 'for pressure') and then not retracting that vote after the pressure was successfully applied seems like the real goal might just be to actually kill the vigilante.

While we're engaging in wild speculation, I'd also like to note that Elenna was the driving force between today's Book Wombat vote (which I don't really grok the logic of) AND of yesterday's Xihirli vote (which I understand more, but was still basically random). Combined with her coming up with a weird theory justifying Aleph Null as being the High Priest who converted the Vigilante in order to fake-claim Vigilante (why would the CL even do that; there's no reason to claim any power role today?), followed by Valmark backing it up, followed by Elenna distancing from Valmark makes me think Elenna for CL and Valmark for N1 convert. I don't think that very strongly (I did say it was wild speculation, after all!), but screw it, it's a better use of my vote than Outsider.