Hmmm. I don't like Book Wombat not putting a vote down but if I'm honest, my instinct is that a Cultist or SK would want to vote someone, especially if they were on the block. I don't mind a Book Wombat lynch, but I'll keep my vote on Val for the moment. He did say the Aleph vote was for pressure but still.

On the topic of the vig, I'm going to put it out there that I want Vig to shoot again tonight. I think there's enough helpful targets for the Vig. If we're at the worst case and Vig is already part of the Cult, the Leader won't get a chance to convert while their Vig kills.

Vote Count:
Book Wombat (3): Requilac, Elenna, Valmark
Requilac (1): Aleph Null
Valmark (2): CaoimhinTheCape, Grek

Not Voting: AvatarVecna, Book Wombat
No Posts: The Outsider