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    From the Journals of Elis Took.

    However, Fate apparently had Other Plans. A storm blew in, and it was a doozy! However, that's not the interesting part. In said storm was a flying ship! You read that right: flying, not sailing. And the storm was pursuing it. Thunder and lightning boomed around and on the flying ship, which was headed straight at the Varion. In spite of the Varion's best efforts, the Varion was sideswiped. It sang like a shot. I was "lucky" enough to get a piece of wreckage for buoyancy. The last thing I saw in the storm, before succumbing to the waves, was the flying ship continuing on its way. I blacked out as I slipped beneath the waves.

    I came to on a sandy shore. I still had my armor, my weapons, my prized belt, and my magic cache. What I did not have was coin or rations. I also had some companions. Some of the other adventurers from the Varion were ashore as well.

    A fine crew we were, waterlogged and missing most of our equipment! The others seem a haphazard, but generally trustable lot, but without any more real sense of where we were than I had. My companions of fortune were:
    Fergus, a male half-elf. He seemed a bit paranoid about something, but he also acted like druidish princess. Not shy about sharing his theories of divine retribution.
    Gil, a female gnome. She was of even slighter stature than myself, but touch about the subject. Bit of a Napoleon complex there, I thought; she was certainly kitted out as a warrior, but missing a goodly portion of said kit.
    Sean Dubh, another male half-elf. He was plain and soft-spoken; frankly he was so boring, something else must have been going on. He had no armor and minimal weaponry, but a variety of miscellaneous bits and pieces that whispered, "spellcaster..."
    Angus, a male highlander. With all that entailed. A nice enough fellow, but very touchy about his honor. Also kitted out as a warrior, but missing parts of his kit after our little swim.

    Having no real shelter or resources, we made our way inland. We found a widow-woman tending a small farmstead. After some small negotiation, we secured shelter and a bit of food for the night. It was a minor repast, but certainly better than eternal seawater!

    We tried to repay our hostess by doing any minor chores, but she would have nothing of it. She recognized we had been placed under the protection of the Lord Wade, god of the sea. Apparently, we were expected to provide a service for him in return for our survival in the sinking. The widow was quite nervous about this, and ecstatic to see us leave. We were on an island, across which we could find a port, a ferry to the mainland, and access to the port of Iron Castle.

    We made our way across the scrubby island, only pausing to an interruption from some ROUS. Intending to show my new comrades my mettle, I picked a rock and threw it at one, promptly dismembering it in a spray of entrails and viscera. I do so love my prized belt. My comrades proved equally skilled, and we proceeded to the ferry without further incident.

    As we landed in Iron Castle, we were met by a servant of the Lord Wade and bid accomplish our task: return his chest, which had been stolen by the Wizards of the Golden Coast. We had been recovered to pursue where Lord Wade could not. And to establish his bonafides, the servant proceeded to remove his Lord's blessing momentarily. Our lungs began filling with water, as if we were back in the Channel. If we turn from, or fail in, our task, we will be returned to the sea. The Wizards are headed to the city of Lightning, in the Land of Men & Wanders and have a two day lead on us.

    The Lord Wade is kind of a ****.

    So informed, we agreed to said terms of the quest. We appear to have formed an adventuring party.

    We were instructed to proceed to the Baleine Blanche tavern, to meet another agent of the Lord Wade. While the Baleine Blanche was a rough establishment, we were marked as off-limits by the Lord Wade. However, we should be wary of the followers of the so-called "Lord of the Mediterranean Sea".

    We had several hours for personal business before our appointed meeting.

    Spoiler: OOC
    The DM is basing our campaign in a fantasy Europe based on a map of place-names translated into English. I've got a few of them; they're illuminating. We knew the ship was just a method of getting us together. I don't know where we're going, but I'm having fun getting there. And I *love* that girdle of giant strength.

    Fergus is some type of priest of Frey; I dunno if he's actually a druid or a cleric. Sean is an illusionist, hiding from the Fey. Angus is played by our Highland dancer, who is very, very proud of her Scottish ancenstry. Gil; Gil is that revenge I spoke about in the previous post.
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