From the Journals of Elis Took.

With time before our appointment at the Baleine Blanche tavern, Sean, Gil, and I made a collective decision to reprovision. Fergus wanted to consult his temple, and Angus accompanied him. Sean bartered some gems he retained for coinage and offered to fund a shopping spree for Gil and myself. Lacking time to use my skills to build a nest egg, I agreed. After some haggling, I found myself in possession of 50’ rope, pair of pouches, iron rations, and a waterskin.

Meanwhile, Fergus fared poorly with his temple meeting. He was accused of being a traitor, because he was marked by a god other than his own. Angus escorted him away before something untoward happened. They informed us of this when we met again at the Baleine Blanche tavern. Some of us quickly realized Baleine Blanche tavern is a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

And we didn’t have a lawyer.

The tavern was quite busy, but we quickly secured a table. Angus went to procure a round, but was accosted and insulted by a group of clerics of Neptune, who threatened to take it outside. I intervened, offering to arm-wrestle the insulter. (After all, arm-wrestling a halfling should be an easy victory, no?) Instead, he turned to a companion and asked, “Have you ever seen an uglier goblin?” Alas my Tookish nature rose up, and I countered with, “Then you haven’t met your mom!” And I got sucker punched.

So I belted the insulting cleric in return, intending to knock the miscreant out. Instead, I slew him! Oops. His three companions descended on me with tridents. I stood my ground for a minute, then retreated. My companions engaged the trident wielders. Fergus's hammer came apart hitting an "innocent" bystander who joined the fight. We slew one more opponent when the bartender stepped in to end the fight. So, we emerged victorious. And ordered beer.

Shortly, a slender young lady with green hair, green clothes, and greenish skin walked in. The locals deferred, mightily, to her. She was obviously trouble, and just as obviously, the Lord Wade’s servant. She gave Sean a map and a pearl. Place the pearl on the map, and it indicated the location of the chest we sought. A boat and some water spirits had been tasked to pursue our prey. They would send us up the river from Iron Castle.

Our opponents were followers of Neptune. They would be less numerous inland, but more active as we closed on the city of Lighting.

Spoiler: OCC
I feel better about getting some more of my kit back. And I can't believe I started that brawl with a "your mom" joke. That's not at all the character I was going for. But it just kinda leapt out there, so I ran with it and got whupped for it. Combat didn't go much better for the rest of the group. But we did win.

I don't think we're going to be very popular in town, so leaving sounds like a good plan.