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    Default Re: Implications of a demon-binding Neutral/Good military

    oh if you want the nation to rationalize.

    Every lemure, war devil etc, bound to our nation is one devil not threatening the nations of good under the leadership of the Archdevils. Each binding slightly weakens the army of evil, and frees up resources here in our nation to advance the cause of good. It allows us to use additional magic (such as walls of fire etc) in combination to use far less impact on the natural world (less firewood) and ease the toil on the good citizens of our nation (preventing the need for exploitation of fellow citizens in the worst jobs) so that they can spend more time praying, bonding with their families, and taking care of the poor. And these creatures existence is better under us than the perpetual punishment under their superiors in the Seven Hells. And of course these are beings that we absolutely KNOW are evil and have been judged so by the great divine system we all live under. And divine Wheel expressly demands these souls be punished (see the torture of LE bound souls) and thus endless toil is fitting thing.
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