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    Default Re: Implications of a demon-binding Neutral/Good military

    Quote Originally Posted by jinjitsu View Post
    This is kind of what I was getting at with my previous response - if a fiend is a creature of pure evil and destroying all fiends would be a good thing for the universe, then I don't see how killing a fiend would be "cruel," and I don't think it would be "terribly evil" to compel fiends into bloodsport to destroy each other, especially if the loser is destroyed - at best, it's kind of a distasteful version of Neutral or the kind of Evil that doesn't get anyone but crusading paladins mad at you. No mistake, it's a bad look, but I would argue it's less Evil than standard gladiator-on-gladiator bloodsport (and much less Evil than Christians-and-lions bloodsport).

    It's also a huge planar security risk, because you're having to open a portal into the Lower Planes to let spectators through; you risk evil creatures getting through the portal, mortals getting trapped on the other side, and probably some kind of tainting of the Material Plane if you keep it open too long. This practice alone could get you in trouble with most planes-savvy folks.
    At no point did I say people would watch.
    You send the fiends to kill other fiends to try to get a 1 fiend summoned at least 1 fiend destroyed ratio (unlike what happens if you let the fiends die in the material plane in which case they just live again) and not for the spectacle.
    So a one way portal could work since you do not need humans to go back and forth from the fiendish realm.
    The invasion could be done with humans in a one way fashion too.(probably by throwing adventurers and other extremely dangerous criminals in the plane and if they get back they are even stronger)
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