Does anyone know if there is an online source for 2nd editions players handbook and the complete classes series. I am trying to make it easy on a group to have access to the various kits and PHB , especially during covid where some are leery about just coming over to make characters(we have a 70+ year old and a 14 year old, and a guy with newborns so it isn't too crazy of a fear). The only file I have has nudity on the front cover(because that's a smart way to do it :/) and its so old that I cant change the settings on the secure PDF to let me clear the pic and/or copy paste kits to make things easy on character creation, and its 30Mb so I cant just email it as an attachment. I am mainly needing the kits since For Gold and Glory is a free pdf on drivethru that is essentially 2e. Its jam packed though and kind of hard on the eyes unlike the old PHB.

Is there a source book of kits on drivethru/dmsguild? I haven't seen one but I could have easily missed it. That would be perfect if they have them all.

For the record I do have hardback copies of most of these, but due to the nature of games now and no one liking to be in a closed room, having a hard copy isn't very useful except to the person holding it.