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    Day 4 Ends (early) and Game Ends: Town Victory

    Conversation is tense and trust low as the survivors discuss who should die. But then one of them asks about a murder pact so that literally everyone dies, which seals the deal.

    Elenna, Serial Killer, was lynched.

    The healer and guard manage to shake the one other survivor out of her haze, and the three of them prepare, instead of a welcoming feast, a burial service for those slain for the pure faith of Pelor.

    Winners: Cao, Aleph Null, AV , Valmark, The Outsider, Apogeee1, Book Wombat, Xihirli, Captain Cap

    Cult: Requiliac, Grek
    Serial Killer: Elenna

    My commentary as the game went on

    General Thoughts
    -not sure if the 1/game survival for Cult Leader was too strong or not
    -probably should have had more players before including a Serial Killer, as originally noted. Maybe this game really needs 14 players to flow smoothly and not give cult too much of an edge.
    -it seems like it didn't cause problems, but sorry I wasn't able to have the Day/Night start consistently at the start
    -I should have stated in the opening rules that it is not explicitly stated if a faction is destroyed. E.g., if the Cult is eliminated, that is not public info if both Town and SK still exist.

    Day 1
    I found it funny that the Serial Killer (Elenna) almost got in the lead, and was curious if she'd claim SK. Cult might want her alive for now to kill townies, and townies to help kill the cult, so she might be left alive.

    Night 1
    Cao banes Elenna, thinking she's powered. Right, but SK.
    Elenna kills Captain Cap, who puts her in communication with Aleph Null (the other NKer).
    Aleph Null kills Apogee, because Apogee asked for the vig to kill.
    Seer finds out Apogee is Town.
    Cult converts the seer

    Day 2
    Interesting. Starts with a vig claim, and pressure on the cult leader. The game will become very interesting/unusual if Requiliac gets lynched and the cult becomes a 2-person kill-less mafia.
    But then it shifts to Valmark. I wonder if that vote-switch at the end will come to bite Elenna.

    Night 2
    Grek scrys Elenna, but is killed by Elenna, so the cult doesn't learn who Elenna is. Cao banes himself, blocking the conversion attempt on him. So the cult is down to 1.
    I really wonder if the Serial Killer might win, but I worry Elenna looks iffy with Valmark's death.

    Funny note: Elenna said she would have killed Book Wombat, but Aleph Null told her he planned to. But it worked well enough for Town since she took out a cultist.

    Also funny: Cao correctly guessed that the cult would assume Aleph was baned, so he baned himself. Actually they assumed he would be baned OR was bluffing (vanillager trying to draw heat), but same result.

    Day 3
    Interesting Day. It was hard to tell how it'd go at first.
    I also think any faction could win with Requiliac getting the lynch, even if only because Aleph Null maybe ghosted. I think it's still anyone's game, or possible literally everyone dies (Elenna kills convert-ghost Aleph, and gets retribution-killed), depending on who gets converted N3.

    Spoiler: how anybody could win, depending on night actions

    Assuming Elenna kills Requiliac this Night.
    Cao can't bane himself, and Requiliac knows this as he tried to convert Cao the last night.
    But will Cao bane Aleph Null or AV?

    Assuming AV and Aleph Null stay inactive.
    If Cao is converted, it's Elenna vs. Cao RNG.
    If AV is converted, it's Elenna and Cao vs nobody. Will wind up being RNG between Elenna and Cao.
    If Aleph Null is converted, it's Elenna and Cao vs. an inactive cult, but if they vote to lynch him, they die as he's now the Fanatic. So whoever doesn't vote wins. Game of chicken?

    I think I also saw a path where everyone is dead if it winds up Elenna vs. the fanatic.
    But I think that required Aleph Null killing Cao tonight. Not thinking he's cult, but that he's a likely convert target. Indeed, if the Town was active, I think they could eliminate the cult via
    Cult converts Cao, Aleph, or AV.
    Cao banes Aleph, making the only convert possibilities himself or an inactive.
    Aleph kills Cao.
    Elenna kills Requiliac.
    D4 starts with zero cult or a cult of AV, so RNG between Serial Killer and town.

    Night 3
    Cao banes Aleph Null. (Can't bane himself this night.)
    Aleph comes back and agrees to kill Requiliac. Elenna tries to kill Aleph, but he's baned.
    Requiliac goes for a long-shot gambit that Elenna is lying and tries to convert her.

    Cult is eliminated, not that any other faction knows that.

    Day 4
    Town controls the vote, but doesn't know there's no cultists hiding, so the game doesn't auto-end. Elenna knows she was the conversion target N3. Cao knows Aleph was not converted N3. Nobody alive knows the conversion failed N2.
    Aleph can probably assume Cao baned him, though, which means Aleph can assume Cao was not the N2 convert.
    I'm glad it looks unlikely it'll just be RNG determining the game.
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