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    This is a first new draft of my Skinchanger class (picked it up again after a long hiatus) – I’m very curious as to your thoughts. The design basis of the class serves as a mashup between barbarian and druid with some summoning capability thrown in. It’s more predicated around survivability then damage (also including summoned beasts as damage absorbers) but can certainly provide burst damage, especially if sending a wave of summoned creatures.

    Hopefully there’s some degree of balance around the heavy drain on the class’s Primal Well which essentially powers all main features (Primal Rage, Wild Summons, Skinchange). I thought about using Hit Die as the power source but wanted to try this route first.

    I’ve not done any spreadsheet work yet to model the damage against my baseline classes (usually fighter, rogue and barbarian). It may be moot as the summoned creatures might be too much of a wildcard.

    Only one of the mentioned mantles is included as an example. I did not want to do too much work on this front if the core class had to be revised. The basic structure of the mantles will be as follows: 1st level – A skill or utility feature and a primal rage modification; 3rd level – an “identity” feature and the relevant Wild Summons table; 5th level – Skinchange note and identification of rage shape (no features); 9th level – Utility/survivability buff and at 15th level the cap, which is also an “identity” feature which will be different for each mantle based on perceived role.

    Disclaimer: This class most definitely does not fill a needed niche in 5E. It is intended to fit within my own homebrewed class structures where the barbarian (rewritten as the berserker) does not have Path of the Totem and wild shape is not baked into the druid core class. I also have somewhat of a compulsive need to fit exactly three classes under each “umbrella” (e.g. martial, stealth, divine, arcane, etc.) so had to fit one more class in the “primal” space along with druid and ranger. My usual mandate for each class is that it has a unique mechanic so that it plays differently than the others; this particular does not do that so much (other than maybe pre-spending Hit Dice to heal when dropping out of skinchange form).

    A lot of homebrew assumptions in this class. Where needed, I’ve added a reference to 5E next to terminology that is solely my own ruleset. The exception to this is the base class skills which you’ll have to live with. ; )

    Finally, the usual. The inspiration for this class comes from many sources, including various other homebrew attempts at similar concepts – whether from Reddit, giantitp forum, etc. If you see something that is suspiciously familiar in concept or wording, it’s probably because it is – ground already covered by an intrepid homebrew artist.

    EDIT 2/28/2021: Updated link to new version. Revised a number of core features and added an additional mantle (Mantle of the Hunt).
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