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We'll see. We can certainly hope. But this is EA and as I said, I'm pessimistic.

I'm thinking of the War Table from DA:I but you can pay money to speed up the missions and to get certain good endings/events to happen some number of these missions needs to be worked through. With the timing specifically calculated so that if you don't spend money you'll be nowhere close to completing them before you get to the end game. That kinda bull****.
Take that, and then tie story progression to it, so it becomes a massive slog if you don't pay for the mission speed ups and/or result upgrades. They could go full Shadow of War on it.

On an unrelated note, I'm thinking about how a lot of Inquisition's later areas felt wrong to me because my dumb completionist self spent so long in the initial open area, because why would I leave before I finished there? And then I was the wrong level for later areas and quests that had you go back to the first area felt really tedious. The hazards of a semi-open world i suppose.