Let's work our way backwards, shall we?

Starting at the level 18 ability. Which basically means the following:
  • Self spells can now be cast on other creatures (though they'll take damage when you do it like this, I assume)
  • Arcane ammunition can now be used with longer casting time spells
  • You can no use it with spells targeting multiple creatures (though the question arises as to how) and other targeting spells, like those affecting objects etc.

Conclusion: decently powerful, but not properly defined. Might need some work, but at level 18, I'm not going to worry too much

Then the level 14, extra attack.
Interesting to grant it this late, but I don't mind. What I do worry about though, is it's interaction with the level 1 ability. We'll worry about that later though.

Next up, Level 6:
Interesting take (note that I haven't looked at it in too much detail). But a few things to look at:
  • Treating them as metamagic: a power gamer might be willing to trade em all away to get more normal meta magics (or the other way around, based on perceived strength/goals)
  • Waypoint marker: Please add some maximums on the "everything you are carrying" like most teleport spells do (do people count, how much weight, etc)

And finally, we get to the main feature, level 1:
  • Firstly: Please clear up the wording on Arcane ammunition, especially that first sentence (please split it into multiple statements). But also, does this allow for a spellcast with each attack made (as it currently seems to allow)? As that would make it extremely dip worth and insanely overpowered when combined with say... an Eldritch Knight.
  • Secondly: "Spells which enable multiple attacks (such as magic missile or scorching ray) may be cast in this fashion, but consume a separate piece of ammunition each." ==> Does this mean that a level 1 Magic missile allows me to fire 3 arrows as part of my single attack action? And do they all deal damage? - if so, again extremely over powered
  • Thirdly: Allowing you to pick the target for the area of effect... while nice and cool, also seems rather powerful on top of the attack. I'd limit it to within X feet of your arrow target. Otherwise you can snipe that nasty wizard in the back, while fireballing the horde of minions in the front.
  • Fourthly: At first level you basically get a spell + an attack for your action. And you can do that each turn until you run out of spells (though we have cantrips for that). While cool, this is probably too powerful. Limit it to x times per short/long rest? And I do mean LIMIT
  • Fifthly: Using charisma on the attack seems nice and SAD (single attribute dependent) but as mentioned above, this whole thing is already rather powerful, so adding a little MAD (though a standard sorcerer will already have CHA, CON and DEX) isn't such a bad thing.
  • Lastly: "...cast a spell of a level no greater than your level in this class..." this one is utterly useless, except when used as a dip. As a level 9 arcane archers will be able to use level 9 spells with this feature... while only having up to level 5 spells available. Suggestion: set this to 1/3rd or 1/4th your level in arcane archer instead.

So in conclusion:
  • Level 18 is wonky, but not extremely so
  • Level 14 is cool, as long as it doesn't allow for a free second spell per turn
  • Level 6 seems good, as long as no metamagic-trade shenanigans are pulled
  • Level 1 feels like a good idea, but has MANY issues as currently written