Well, let me grab Under the Dark Fist off my shelf and see how that kits starting players out. (It's a 2e Spelljammer adventure for characters level 10-14, so more or less in scope.) It has a bunch of pregen characters at the back in case you don't have high-level PCs ready to go, so their loadout should be more or less representative of what they are expecting at that mid/high level breakpoint.

Going down the list:
  • A Paladin 11 has Full Plate +1, Shield +3, Holy Avenger Long Sword, and a Ring of Warmth.
  • A Fighter 12 has a Great Axe +4, Chain Mail +3, 6 Skulls of Flaming Death (consumable explosion magic), Ring of Shooting Stars, White Wolf Cloak +2 (also provides protection as Ring of Cold Resistance)
  • A Transmuter 14 has a Wand of Polymorph with 80 charges, Robes of the Arch-Magi, a Ring of Protection +2, a Potion of Gaseous Form, Staff +3, and a Ring of Teleport Without Error 1/day
  • An Evoker 13 has a Cloak of Fire Resistance, a Ring of Protection +4, a Robe of Protection +2, Bracers of Defense AC5, a Wand of Fire with 100 charges, a Wand of Frost with 100 charges, a Wand of Lightning with 100 charges, and a ring that casts a Fire Shield (vs heat) once a day
  • A Priest of Hel 13 has a Robe of Stars, a Short Sword +5 Nine-Lives-Stealer, a Ring of Regeneration, a Wand of Animate Dead with 67 charges, and Plate Mail +4
  • A multiclass Cleric 10 / Thief 11 has a Cloak of Elvenkind, Boots of Elvenkind, a Ring of Invisibility, Leather Armor +3, a Shield +3, a Broad Sword +4, and a Potion of Etherealness