You list hit dice as 2d4, but gain 1d8 HP per level. Intentional?
Fail on my part. Fixed to be 2d8.

There's only one category of shields.
I split 'em up in my homebrew. Added a 5E note next to the proficiency as a reference point.

You should list weapons as "Simple and Martial", because as written, you know how to use a longsword but not a dagger.
Yep. Corrected.

Your skills include non-5E skills.
Yeah, I noted that in my blurb at the start of the post. Was too lazy to provide the 5E reference/context. I think it's still understandable from a balancing perspective that this is a 2 base skill class with most skills relating to physical activity and the natural world. I can provide the 5E equivalent if necessary.

What is a PV?
Long story. I've provided the 5E context next to the feature. Had a number of these that were needed in the mantle section.

Okay, I'm actually gonna stop now-because this class reads like it's being used for a system based on 5E, but is not 5E. If that's the case... I'm not sure how much help I can give.
It's definitely based on 5E with some tweaks. There should be little that is strikingly different (and those things that are now should all have a 5E reference next to them). I would hope (finger crossed) that review/balance passes wouldn't suffer from not knowing the full gamut of the homebrew I typically use.

Again, thanks for the thoughts!