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    Default Re: Racial Overhaul v0.5 -- full biological/cultural split. PEACH

    That's exactly the direction I don't want to go. Because I find mono cultures boring. And mono racial cultures boring.

    An orc from here and an orc from there share similarities due to "genetics", but have cultures that reflect who they're around. An orc raised in the Jungle of Fangs and one raised in the forests of the north will have radically different outlooks and priorities, in general.

    Both will have increased physical stature (relative to most humans), both will have the innate tendency to quick tempers (the mostly faded legacy of their ancestor and his demon problem). But they'll think differently. More as members of their nation or tribe then as orcs.

    Edit: plus, I don't have any expectation that players will be able to suitably play something alien. So the truly alien races can't be playable.
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