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That makes me think retired summoners would probably live as a weird mix of priviliged military retiree and someone under house arrest, constantly watched so that they don't practice their craft ilegally.

The government would probably need some sort of special forces focused entirely on keeping and eye on summoners, as well as hunting and executing the ones who go rogue.

Also likely, it'd be in the best interest of the nation (or at least the government) to create and constantly reinforce heavy social stigma against non-government-approved summoning/bidding... And if possible... Find a way to (semi-)permanently remove one's ability to summon/bind demons. Like... Prison in a dead magic zone, or something.
I'm really getting a view of this society as treating summoners like spies: even when you retire, you don't really retire, and if you try to, they burn you to avoid you becoming a threat. A summoner who can survive long enough after being burned is going to be both the most well-equipped and the most motivated person to take their former nation down.