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I'm in.
Seems an incentive to make roles that could be useful as town or mafia, since we don't know what faction we'll be on before the game starts.
Irrespective of your choice, I will make you have useful abilities. Don't try to game it, because gaming it won't work; choose something fun.

Do we know if it's just Town va 1 faction, or if it's possible there's mafia, werewolves, and/or aliens?
It's town versus one faction, but I might roll in a neutral or two. However many people there are, the alignments will be randomised before any characters are built.

Maybe the rule should be that the offending player dies unless dying is what they want and/or helps their faction, in which case they die at the first opportunity that wouldn't be helpful (usually when that Day/Night ends).
A player who is narrator-killed loses the game immediately as well as dying. Valmark only did it because he was dead on votes anyway.