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Edit: plus, I don't have any expectation that players will be able to suitably play something alien. So the truly alien races can't be playable.
How often does pregnancy and childbirth really impact a campaign? What percentage of PCs in your games have been pregnant? Things like "dwarves don't understand sex or gender" make for fun little side bits, but doesn't change much about they way they handle danger and camaraderie. Elves as sociopaths might be more of an issue for some players, but plenty of PCs are effectively sociopaths anyway, so in many cases this changes very little (and lizardfolk already have this trait in vanilla D&D). I'll grant that the way I handle goblinoids make them poor choices for PCs, but then again they're poor choices for PCs in many games anyway.

None of these races are as alien as Thri Kreen, yet those manage to be a favorite PC race, I would argue not in spite of their alien nature, but because of it.