What if there were more types of challenges to face?
What if worlds themselves were more varied, offered challenges beyond simple Terra Firma.

Five Worlds is my concept plan for building a super campaign structure, to be enjoyed by adding extraplanar travel.

The Five Worlds are:

Zarim: A belt of floating islands and continents, navigated by friendly winds and the magical liftstone.
Chalos: Oceans of gasoline, mountains of coarse diamond, where oxygen is precious, fire can not exist, and the common polymers of the world easily bear a thousand years of age.
Nimon: A world with endless smaller demiplanes. Nimon is an archcompetitive world, and a world where vicious feedback has escalated the threats and power of its inhabitants.
Theia: A Megaflora world with million year old mountain sized trees. Vast amounts of nectars, syrups and seeds fuel civilizations that build on trees.
Morbo: A world where death ends with undeath, as the Black Wail awakens the deceased, and can prematurely slay the living.

I'm also working on creating great powers, who seek to compete for these worlds and minor powers who find themselves becoming pawns and pieces in their ambitions. As I go along, I'll update this first post.