A cantrip and a weapon attack in a turn from level 1 is nearly like two weapon attacks, on a full caster. You would be out damaging a rogue at level 1 which is one of the highest damage classes out there.

Would you consider something less exciting? Maybe proficiency in ranged weapons, light armour and the archery fighting style? At level 1 it sets the tone without really introducing new mechanics (although archery fighting style will let you still boost charisma without dropping your to-hit rolls with a bow too much). Also at level 1 a bow/other ranged weapon can be used as an arcane focus.

At level 6 you can start putting spellcasting through arrows. I can see why you would want it early, it's a core part of the class idea but either you have very complicated rules around what you can do or you have weaker and then stronger versions of the ability and it all becomes a bit complicated an inelegant.