Hm. Level 1 feature:
Arcane Archery
You are proficient with shortbows and longbows.

You can use ranged weapons with the ammunition property as foci for your spells. Many Arcane Archers cause their spells to appear to be ammunition fired from the weapons used in this fashion; normally, this has no effect on the spell itself save visually. However, when you use such a weapon as a focus for a spell, you may choose to make a ranged weapon attack in place of any spell attacks it would permit. This does not change the range of the spell nor its effects, nor does it use any actual ammunition (as the spell becomes the ammunition), but it does change the attribute associated with the roll and permit the use of abilities that interact with ranged weapon attacks.

Questionable possible adendum: Might add the ability to make a ranged weapon attack in place of permitting a saving throw for non-AoE spells. Might save that for level 6.