Different path, and possibly something that needs it's own thread, but throwing it out here as you are someone who also thinks arcane archer should be a sorcerer subclass...

Sorcerers have a theme. Shadow magic, elemental magic, divine etc.. could the arcane archer specialise in attack roll spells?

Level 1 let's you cast a spell that could only target a single enemy using a ranged melee weapon attack roll using a weapon you have equipped instead of a spell attack roll. This would straight up let you use dex instead of charisma for a load of spells, mean you can upgrade your attacks with some magic weapons etc.

Level 6 gives you the archery fighting style and expanded critical range for both spells and weapon attacks.

Level 14 let's you make an attack as a bonus action when you use your action to cast a spell.

Level 18 gives another step up on the expanded critical and let's you make an attack as a reaction against an enemy that casts a spell at you or in an area that includes you.

Sorry, somewhat hijacking this with musings - but something might be useful.