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    Default Re: Racial Overhaul v0.5 -- full biological/cultural split. PEACH

    What you've got looks really good so far, even if some of your subsequent posts make me think we're not totally of the same mind regarding worldbuilding of races and cultures.

    Since it seems like this is intended for a specific campaign world rather than general use, I would nail down specifics. Before you let real players loose on this system, decide what lineage-culture intersection points exist in the world; turn those "Suggested" lineage-culture pairings into the only ones. Who are the Fang-Kin Dwarves? What are they called? Where do they live? How did they come to be a distinct people from the Wall-Builder Dwarves? Let players have a definitive list of what societies they have to choose from, and what lineage-culture combinations are available within those societies. Otherwise players will be tempted to make lineage-culture choices motivated primarily by optimization rather than by factors that make sense in the world; or they'll just defy your suggestions and make Forest Tribal dragonborn, who don't fit into any existing cultural group, and thus have less connection to the events of campaigns.

    As the DM, you have to create structure for what it means to belong to these ethnic-cultural groups. Look forward to seeing this develop.
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