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More than any other class they would be terrain dependent. In an open area, they might be pretty useless without some significant forced-movement abilities since an enemy could avoid whatever snares, caltrops, marbles, or whatever you set. In tight spaces, they might be crazy powerful since enemies would be forced to move through the zones created by their abilities as there is no other place to go. The alternative of creating semi-autonomous stationary-pet turrets would be a lot easier to get working, but thematically doesn't quite fit (although it might work for a sub-class or paragon path or something).

Getting the "deals with many enemies" and the "cripples the enemy" roles to mesh is a little tricky to do with a martial character.
I'd a weapon throwing factor to this, like using a rope as a lasso or for bolas to restrain. The roman pilum was used similarly, to get stuck in a target and interfere with their movement, so there could be abilities using throw weapons like that. And if they depend on clean lines of attack, these might help make up the difference of how much the enemy can maneuver.

Maybe call the class "skirmisher," and use "ninja" and "trapper" for paragon paths?