"We speak of it as a veil because what lies behind it is obscured. Wisps of memory and fragments of forgotten horrors came with us throtgh The Veil, but even the great sages have been frustrated in trying to reconstruct the past because the few distinct details which come through never match those which are reported by others.

"I am one of the fortunate. My own memories are of a night spent speaking with an elder, perhaps my mother or grandmother. I know we sat upon grass beneath a star-clouded sky, but I can no more recall the patterns of the stars or the blades of grass than I can recall the face of the person in my memory or the words we spoke.

"Some allowed the empty past to consume them. Monasteries were built to care for them, or to imprison those whose empty memories drove them to madness. Many ended their lives. Some, even now, hold their sanity tightly reigned out of fear of becoming the horrors of their forgotten past.

"We do not willingly walk into the darkness that lies behind the veil. I warn you, as a friend warns a friend who walks a dangerous ledge, to avoid speaking of the past behind The Veil with strangers lest you cause them to lose their reigns. And I advise you to speak of it among friends only with great tact."