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    Default From the Journals of Elis Took 3

    From the Journals of Elis Took.

    We left the tavern and proceed to the river docks to take possession of our haunted boat. On the way, we procured a REAL war hammer for Fergus.

    Another agent of Wade awaited us at the docks. He explained how to manage the boat and the fresh water spirits that powered it. We were admonished that fresh water spirits are not reliable. We must tie off the boat, or it WILL wander off. Sean is provided an incantation to force obedience. But it will only work once. Our map shows our targets at a place called Stonewater.

    It was only afternoon, so we departed and decided to run only during daylight hours. We hoped to limit any mischief by the water spirits. Fergus used his magic to heal us, and the night passed uneventfully.

    We proceeded upriver until midmorning. Then, we ran into some bandits blocking the river with a rope and crossbows. They claimed a 1gp/person toll. In the interests of speed, we paid and proceeded. But we got a receipt! It may have been a legitmate toll, after all. Midafternoon, the boat started jerking about the river. We determined it was dodging rocks while trying to throw us. We successfully retained control of the boat. The rest of the day was uneventful. That night, some of us camped onshore, but Gil and Fergus remained in the boat.

    My watch covered the middle of the night. I heard some splashing aways off from the boat. I snuck to the beach to observer. There were three figures washing clothes. In spite of my stealth, the noticed me and asked for assistance with these heavy baskets. They appeared elderly, bent over crones. Seeing no harm, I offered assistance after waking Angus. I realized the clothes in the basket were darkly stained and torn and noticed the crones were not shod and had webbed feet. Reconsidering, I attempted to find out where they required my assistance. This angered the crones, who circled me and called me a wicked boy. I dropped the basket, sipped a part of my invisibility potion, and bolted. I may have been screaming. The crones gave chase.

    I led them between the camp and the boat, not directly to my comrades. They rousted themselves. I went to ground in scrub brush along the riverside; the crones went after the party. Gil and Fergus were on the boat; Sean and Angus were camped on shore. Fergus cast a protective spell and summoned a spirit weapon; he attacked the two crones engaging Gil. Sean flung a rainbow at the crones, to no effect. I positioned myself behind the crone fighting Sean and Angus, while Angus engaged the crone in melee. Sean cast a rainbow orb at the crone, injuring and conjuring a stinking cloud about her. Angus resisted the stench, but the crone struck him with a mighty blow.

    The boat started shaking and moved away from the crones. Fergus kept his feat, but Gil fell. But the crones could not capitalize on their advantage; my comrades remained unharmed.

    I shank the crone on Angus, but she remained standing. Gil arose but missed. Fergus's spirit weapon struck the one engaging him. The boat continued to try moving away, but they maintained their footing. Gil's opponent successfully struck him. Angus struck and slew our mutual foe. Sean lit the crone on the boat, but she remained unblinded; an area around the shore remained illuminated.

    I flung a dagger at the crone engaged with Fergus and struck her. Fergus also struck his opponent, but Gil missed again. Angus jumped onto the boat and dislodged Fergus but not Gil. But the boat broke free and fled downstream. Fergus narrowly but successfully negotiated with the spirits, slowing tnhe boat. The remaining crones gave chase, running across the water.

    I slung a stone at the crones, but missed. Gil waited to engage in melee. Sean and Angus followed along the shore. Sean attempted a taunt; one crone responded. Sean created a mesmerizing pattern; the crone was entranced. The other chased the boat.

    I slung a stone at the one following the boat and struck a mighty blow. But the crone lived. Fergus steered the boat while Gil finally struck a mighty blow. Fergus struck as well. The crone chose discretion, rescuing the other crone, and fled upriver. We gave chase into their grotto.

    I slung again, and missed. Fergus slew one crone with his spirit weapon. Sean threw a dagger and missed. Angus traded mighty blows with the remaining crone. Gil closed to attack.

    I slung again, and dropped my sling. How humiliating! Fergus's spirit weapon attacked the remaining crone. Angus failed his attack. Sean struck with another dagger.

    I recovered my sling, slung another bullet, and slew the remaining crone.

    Fergus healed us with his magic. We recovered our weapons and searched the grotto. Fergus recovered one dager and padded leather armor. Both are magic. I claimed the dagger; Fergus tried on the armor. It was nearly translucent and appeared permeated with bubbles. It crinkled a bit when he walked. It appeared to help him float. We made our way back to the camp site, tied of the boat again, and rested for the rest of the night.

    Spoiler: OOC
    Once again, I seem to have initiated our encounter. That was a long, brutal combat with a lot of fumbles on our part. The crones were homebrew fae of some type. They had a lousy AC, but loads of hit points. Our casters *tried* coordinated spell use, but the winners were spiritual weapon and hypnotic pattern. I've never seen hypnotic pattern work before. But in the end, we emerged, victorious!

    Spoiler: Where we were camped as of the end of the session.
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