R20T8: "Didn't think to grab it, don't have one now." Dusha manages to gasp between panting breaths while stepping back from the stairs a few feet. "If any of you are fit to fight, we may be able to hold the stairs. If not, time to keep running!"

R20T7: A badly wounded tiefling comes down from the western passageway to stand over a fallen hell puppy and thrusts at Aldo, his deflects with both of his weapons.

End Round 20, Begin Round 21 ...

Erasmus leaves the scene, as he is in no condition to keep fighting.

R21T23: The leader gives a two-tone whistle. He then moves up and throws a bolt of fire right into Aldo's back for 5 fire.

R21T22: The amber tiefling comes around the corner and just barely closes to throw a claw out that smacks Aldo in his head for 6.

R21T19.5: Flycatcher, what do you do?

Spoiler: Battle Tracker

Palaveen: 23. DELAYING!!!
Vethamer: 22.
Blue Tiefling (f): 21. (-4:12). DEAFENED until healed!!! Crossbow in hand (unload). DYING!!!.
Green Tiefling (F): 20. (3:12). Crossbow in hand (unloaded). DELAYING!!!
Flycatcher: 19.5. Kunai thrown (in blue tiefling). Rapier in hand. Use Unbreakable Gambit if targeted with Fort/ Will save.
* Scarlet einhander stance (+1d6, +2 shield noted).
* Indomitable Presence: All allies w/in 30' of his position gain the benefits of the Die Hard feat, and may add +5 [CHA] to Fort saves versus death effects, fatigue or exhaustion effects, or poison effects as a morale bonus.
* Use Warleader to share the teamwork feat Phalanx Fighter with all allies in 30ft for til R22T19.5.
** (Gain a sacred bonus to AC and saves vs evil creatures' attacks, spells, and abilities equal to the number of adjacent allies with this feat)
Wolf Skeleton (Red): 19.3. (5:16).
Wolf Skeleton (Blue): 19.1. (16:16). PANICKED til R23T8!!!
Green/Red Tiefling (m): 18.6. (14:14). Area E, facing Kavina.
Dravano the Digger: 18.5.
Aldo: 18.3. 2 Lt MBs manifested.
Janiven: 13.
Brown Tiefling: 11. (8:12, 1 NL). Short sword in hand.

Radigan: 11. DELAYING!!!
Yellow Tiefling (m): 9. (1:12). Unloaded crossbow; short sword in hand.
Dusha: 8. Dancing Strings/ Prehensile Hair til R23T8. READIED to move away if what comes up the stairs is not Flycatcher!!!
Purple Tiefling (m): 7. (4:12). Unloaded.
Green/ Blue Thug (m): 5. (9:9). DELAYING!!!


2 Tiefling rogues.

Tia: 8.5. Perception 17. Shield of faith (+2 deflection) til R34T24. STABLE!!!
Meijen: 17. STABLE!!!
Red/Blue Tiefling (m): 10. (-6:12). Short sword in hand, adjacent to Meijen, but on Area F stairs. STABLE!!!
Red/Green Tiefling (m): 6. (-8:12). Crossbow (loaded) in hand, as is short sword; both dropped. Area F, on stairs. STABLE!!!

Erasmus: 24. Starknife stuck in amber tiefling. Short sword in hand (from tiefling).