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    Default Re: I need help coming up with a name for mortal servants of a death-associated entit

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    Perhaps "Gleaners?" As a reference to the practice of gleaning, going through a field after harvest and picking up crops that fell between the stalks. Like, a way of saying "All that lives must die, so we take care of the exceptions." Though "gleaner" isn't a particularly threatening word. Perhaps something like the "Gleaning Eyes?" A reference to their role relative to the Watcher.

    POST-SHOWER-THOUGHT EDIT: Maybe also consider "Gleaning Hands." Or the "Hands That Glean." So they could say "All that lives must die. We are the hands that glean."
    I'm strongly leaning toward this option. They call themselves the Gleaners. Others (the very few who know they exist) call them Scythes. Or "those <expletive> idiots and their <expletive> cats."

    One thing I've decided: each bloodline of gleaners (they're family, sort of) has a base runic symbol, and then each individual has their own variant of that bloodline symbol. And most of them have gotten in the habit of leaving tokens marked with their symbol behind when they glean someone. Some leave origami, others leave playing cards, others daggers with the symbol etched into the blade.
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