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It would be interesting if you put all those plus AoOs on the reaction.

Parry obviously defined as opposed attack rolls to negate their attack, dodge a dex roll vs same? Not sure what shield block would be, perhaps giving yoursekf cover or a parry with a bonus equal to the shield’s AC bonus?
A non-d20 game had it essentially like this:

Parry: Great at negating damage from melee attacks. If your parry was good enough you can riposte or a few other moves. You can attempt to parry ranged attacks but it is harder.

Dodge: Great at avoiding damage from ranged attacks. If you Dodge well enough you can sneak a movement in. Repositioning to get closer to the ranged attacker or even disengage the melee attacker. You can attempt to dodge a melee attack but it is hard to do (with strikes... thrusts were easier but I don’t think we’re aiming for that level of fidelity).

Shield Block: Can negate melee or ranged attacks with near equal ease (exact specifics depending on type of shield, bucklers were only slightly better at avoiding ranged attacks than melee weapons but again this game had way more granularity with equipment). But you can’t really get a full additional riposte strike like a melee weapon or gain terrain advantage like Dodge. You do gain some slight edge if you Shield Block really well but it is lesser than Parry or Dodge.

Absorb: Greatly reduce the damage taken based on the armor you wear. Unlike the others there is less of a chance of messing this up, but to completely negate an attack like parry, dodge, or block might you need to be wearing very good armor. But if you are, you kinda are just a near unkillable beast unless the enemy specifically try to aim toward the gaps in your armor, which is much harder to do unless you are grappled.

Could take some fidgeting but that may be made workable in a d20 system. Would need to be tinkered with to make work against enemies that throw magic around as well.