I wanted to try out making fanart, because I like this comic a lot. So here's crossover fanart with another thing I like too, Bug Fables! Basically I drew the Order as bugs. But like, cute, sorta-anthropomorphized-cartoony bugs.

Spoiler: Art & Species Explanation Below

- Haley's an orange mantis. There's really no "reason" she's a mantis, but a friend suggested to make her one. So I did.

- Elan is a wasp! I thought it would be fitting since wasps are yellow like his hair, and Elan has heritage in a kingdom with an evil puppetmaster ruler, and the Wasp Kingdom of Bug Fables has an evil ruler. Also, solitary wasps are friendlier than social wasps.

- Belkar is a Fruity Bug! This species doesn't exist in real life, but the ones that you can meet in the game are short, round and adorable. I thought it would be funny to make Belkar (who is the opposite of adorable) a Fruity Bug, and it would also be fitting considering he flips the "jolly halfling" stereotype on its head. Also, I based his horn off an Eastern Hercules beetle's horn.

- Vaarsuvius is a moth. The reason I made them a moth is because canonically, moths are the species most compatible with magic in the world of Bug Fables. Also, one of the main characters is a moth mage. I'm unoriginal like that.

- Durkon is a termite! It fits, because termites in Bug Fables live secluded in caves away from civilization. Also, they eat wood, fitting with the dwarven vendetta against trees. Unfortunately, the termite race is not comprised of short people. So Durkon's just an abnormally tiny termite.

- Roy's an ant because... actually, I was kind of running out of ideas for Roy. None of the kingdoms really fit Roy's background, and I didn't want to make him a moth because, well, V was already a moth. But ants are extremely strong, and I thought that would be fitting for a fighter.

It's my first time posting fanart, and I'm a little shy about it. Also, don't ask why Durkon gets to wear full-body armor but Roy just wears a tunic.