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    From the Journals of Elis Took.

    To those of you reading my journals, you have to understand. I did not know these people. We were thrown together by coincidence, and kept together by the whim and need of a cruel god. But they had pledged their words; I had pledged mine; we really had no choice. And Cyrrollalee help me, I was beginning to like these folks.

    I mention all of this to explain in some small way what happened next. Things went Strange.

    The next morning, Gil helmed the boat. Fergus helmed for mid-day, Sean for the afternoon. Nothing of note happened that day, and we camped for the night. That night it rained, we forgot a tent. Overnight Gil heard something in the distance downstream, but found nothing. The night passed without further events.

    Fergus piloted the boat for the morning. The others saw a creepy figure observing us from shore, then step into a tree. Gil piloted for midday. We passed some boat traffic, but had no incidents. The locals showed some interest in our speed upriver, though. Angus had the evening shift piloting. There was a village at our stopping point, so we decided to procure some supplies. Sean remained with the boat. We went shopping for a tent or some tarps. Prominent in the village square was a bear statue. We spread about the market to do our business before everything closed down for the evening.

    Gentle readers, some of what I'm about to relay to you is hearsay; I was not there at the boat for Sean's part of it. But with Cyrrollalee as my witness, the rest happened exactly as I related it. Those how claim otherwise are liars and cads who cannot hold their liquor. *I* am a Took, and my word is my bond.

    (Editor's Note: Uncle Elis was a rogue and a drifter and a storyteller of the first order. His word bound him only so far as *he* desired it to. But Uncle Elis could tell a ripping good yarn. Caveat emptor.)

    Some locals attempted to buy boat from Sean: "No joy, holy mission, our life depends on it, so sorry."

    The local tavern had stew and bread; it seemed like a fine change from trail rations. We declined knowledge of the stew’s contents. But it was hot. The locals hit us up for the boat as well. "No joy, holy mission, our life depends on it, so sorry."

    Meanwhile, having observed the uncanny behavior of our vessel, some children tried to get Sean to do tricks with the boat. He said later, not falling for such obvious distractions.

    Back at the tavern, some locals bought us a round. Fergus neutralized poison, and we enjoyed the drink. Us little folk really enjoyed the mead. We got another round, and I VERY MUCH ENJOYED this round. After the third round...certain small folk were dancing on the tables! Had anyone clogs? I always wanted to try that with clogs! Angus lured me back to the boat with the promise of CLOGS! We retired for the evening.

    As we moved through the village square, the others thought the bear moved; I was certain it had not. Gil tried to dance with the bear statue! It was a bad dance. But she loved it! We moved to leave, but the bear got down on all fours and shook itself awake. Gil tried to ride the bear. I helped Gil!

    Angus & Fergus noticed a figure in the shadows waving a wand at the bear.

    Fergus summoned his spiritual hammer. Gil fell off the bear. I got knocked on my butt as the bear charged Angus & Fergus, injuring both. Angus attacked the bear. Sean came towards the commotion, but some local children looked like they were going back on the boat.

    Gil and I got up. Fergus missed with his spirit weapon. The bear missed...somebody. Angus attacked the bear, but blunted his weapon a lot. Sean stayed back from the fight in case of an attempt on the boat.

    I attempted to lift the bear. Gil climbed on the bear. I maintained a wobbly grip. Fergus spirit weaponed the figure in shadows. The bear hugged Angus as I lifted it; Gil thought this was a friendly hug. Angus attempted to escape, but was restrained. The figure in shadow cast a magical projectile at Fergus. Sean assessed our combat; defend the boat or join the fight? One of the children unhooked the boat, so Sean returned to the boat. He neglected to inform the rest of us.

    I staggered the bear towards the wizard. Gil remained on the bear. Fergus smote the wizard. Angus remained hugged by the bear. Fergus took another magical projectile. Sean ran toward the boat as the kids struggled with the controls.

    I made it to the figure and dropped the bear in front of him. "Your bear is attacking us!" Gil maintained balance on the bear. Fergus missed with his spirit weapon. The wizard fled. The bear went immobile. Angus was stuck in the bear's embrace. Sean belly-flopped on the boat.

    Gil tried to figure out why the bear wouldn't move; she dismounted but doesn't stick the landing. Fergus explained the evil wizard froze the bear, and pointed towards the boat. Sean stood up and started throwing children overboard. Angus felt the bear has touched her inappropriately. I began to free Angus without touching her inappropriately. Fergus successfully smote the bear. I maintained balance, and Angus was freed. We returned to the dock; Sean had shed all the children and returned to the dock. We climbed into the boat and headed upriver for an hour. We crossed to the other side and camped for the rest of the night.

    Gil and I awoke the next morning feeling refreshed! No hangovers!! Though the previous night was foggy. Fergus needed to draw a picture to explain what happened.

    Spoiler: The picture Fergus's player drew for us.

    He knocked this out after the battle during post-session wrap up. It took him less than 10 minutes. I hate how talented my friends are.

    Spoiler: OOC
    We all got a little punchy this session. But *I* did not initiate this encounter. Gil's player is usually fairly reserved; her drunken dancing on tables was *not* expected. Me? I need to t blow of some steam. We were all laughing so hard by the time the combat was done. I just can't do it justice. It's one of those sessions you had to be there for.

    Spoiler: Where we were camped as of the end of the session.
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