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Welp, last year I celebrated my birthday during the first lockdown and today I get to celebrate it during the third one. Huzzah.

Well, my dad is baking a tatin pie, so there's that.
Happy Birthday!

Assuming I'm not being an idiot and it's only the celebration today.

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It's okay, this "lockdown" has so few restrictions it barely deserves to be called like that, and since I got a job in a library I have enough social interactions. Still sucks that I can't throw a proper party for my quarter-of-a-century but I have it better than a lot of people.
Yeah, we had one of those lockdowns back in November. The main result as far as I'm concerned that I couldn't get on a train to visit people. Plus to be fair my ability to interact socially wasn't that great before the pandemic anyway.

Also I feel like I must be weird, to me a 'proper party' consists of about five people, a bottle of wine, and ideally a boat. People seem to think this is doing it wrong.