Bell of the Ball

On its own, this small silver bell makes a particularly clear and pleasing tinkling sound. When it is touched to any ball between one and four inches in diametrer, it is transported into the ball, rendering the ball hollow if necessary. The ball then becomes an irresistable cat toy. Any ordinary cat will play with the ball to exhaustion.

Other felines must make a DC 15 will save each minute or else play with the ball for that minute; felines larger than a cat gain a +1 modifier for each size class they are bigger.

Other creatures must likewise make a DC 10 will save each minute, again gaining a +1 modifier for each size class larger than a cat. This includes the sentient species.

The toy will affect all creatures that come within five feet of it untill the bell is removed from the ball by use of the command word, "Bad kitty!" If the ball was previously solid it is restored. However, any claw or bite marks or other signs of wear inflicted by play are not repaired.

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