So I got an idea for a god earlier, Anaxul, god of death and agriculture, who has since spiralled into a thing in my head and I want to make them part of a triumvirate pantheon. But I'm blanking on a third god to make part of this.

So far my ideas are;

Anaxul - God of death, agriculture, fertility, construction, labour, birth, charity, the hearth, the commonfolk. Depicted in various ways, often a human with the head of a livestock animal or a normal human man or woman, frequently accompanied by a sheepdog, infrequently depicted as pregnant. Symbols include scythes, hammers, cleavers, shepherd's crooks, sickles and other worksman's tools with depictions generally carrying one or more such items.

Adherents believe that Anaxul maintains vast fields and forests in the hereafter, with those who die going there to live an eternal life without hunger, cold or fear. An eternal life of simple work and simple pleasures in huge agrarian communities.

Anaxul's holy animals include all domestic livestock, but the faith places extra significance in dogs, who are sometimes viewed as protectors gifted to humans by Anaxul.

Offerings to Anaxul are simple, a communal meal held in the Spring and Autumn before an idol of the deity with a plate of food and a drink placed before the idol. Doctrine holds that the meals used in the offering, both the one offered to the deity and the ones eaten by the parishioners, should be humble but of similar fare to that which the participants would normally eat.

Lumidium - God of the Sun, Moon and stars, lord of the sky and heavens, god of war, justice, nobility, kings, priests, the seasons, beauty, passion, courage, honour, protection. Portrayed as a regal man or (less frequently) woman garbed as a priest, noble or warrior, often mounted on a horse. Symbols include crowns, weapons, rods, staffs and censors.

The faith of Lumidium holds that he rules as the king of the heavens, dwelling in palaces and castles constructed amongst the countless stars in the heavens with all the creatures of the air as his servants. During the day he rides through the sky as the sun and at night as the moon, illuminating the world below and keeping watch for the horrors that dwell in the darkness between the stars and that crawl from the ground where his light does not reach.

Lumidium's church holds most birds to be sacred, along with horses and bears. Temples to Lumidium are usually somewhat open to the air, and birds are attracted by the presence of food, nesting sites and clean water provided by the priests. Larger temples or rural churches may set aside some of their land for the purpose of keeping horses. Bears prove difficult to incorporate into temple life.

Lumidium is honored at the solstices and equinoxes, with parades, music and the lighting of bonfires.

??? - God of ???

I feel there should be a third god with elements of trade, knowledge, medicine, the sea and so forth, but nothing's coming together in my head.