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    Default Re: Trying to work out a third god for a trio; any suggestions?

    I see two cool ideas for the third spot in this trio. The third god could be an "evil" god or at least a god that represents the harsher and more uncontrollable aspects of nature. {Scrubbed}

    {Scrubbed} You have a very clear Father in Lumidium, a very clear Mother in Anaxul, now you just need a Son. This kind of god would be {Scrubbed} a warrior who is associated with lightning who uses a percussive or far-striking weapon like a club or a bow. He is the friend of humanity, by far the most mortal friendly of the three, and his main job is slaying monsters and keeping the world cycle going.

    He embodies manly and even "middle class" virtues to some degree, like Eldan was saying, where one could imagine that Lumidium is a god most associated with the nobility and noble pursuits like hunting, poetry, magic and battle strategy. Anaxul popular with the producing class with rituals that involve sex, feasting, and love. The Son god is a god of free men, who craft their own possessions and own their own small plots of land. He is associated with defending home and hearth, with good drink and hard work as well as athleticism. {Scrubbed}
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